Day 1 Journey to publication

If you haven’t read the about me section, you wouldn’t know I plan to journal my attempt and progress to book publication. Journaling is meant to be a productive exercise, with many rewards. My goal is one of publication for initially the current book that I am writing, more on that later. I shouldn’t get ahead of myself. The journal I have decided should also not distract me from these goals and with this, in mind, my plan is to write, no more than 250 words a day in the journal. This will also hone my skills for the short stories and competitions of which I plan to start entering to raise my profile and learn more and more.  The word count will be a interesting challenge as I have a tendency to be able to write, once I manage to sit down in from of my laptop. So far have never struggled for inspiration once I start typing.

Let me introduce my current project a book called ‘Unfriended’, which had until yesterday had a working title of Brewster’s 5000, of which I never did like but I just hadn’t spent the time thinking of a better title.  The book in a sentence. A man obsessed with Facebook who has over 5000 friends, circumstances conspire together that he annoys a very rich man, who wagers he can’t lose all 5000 in the space of 30 days without telling another living person about the bet.

(words 250)


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