Day 2 Happy Endings

I suppose it might be worth filling in the gaps of how I got to this point and what this point is. I can’t recall the actual point where I decided I want to write a book. It’s a well-worn saying that everyone has a book in them. That said how many people have a book in them that will get published? Even at this stage, I don’t know if I do. I’m not belittling my belief in myself. I know my book(s) will bring someone some joy. The same joy that I have felt when reading a great book. The joy of finding a new author who has a back catalogue of books. Books just waiting to be read and not some author who’s written two amazing books in a trilogy and many years later the third is still not in print.  You know who you are Patrick Rothfuss, which said if and when the final one is published someone will have an amazing time reading one after the other. I suppose at some point I’d like to be discovered. However, if that didn’t happen (But it will ;)) I will have had the most amazing of times writing.  The joy of living your characters like friends you haven’t met, the sad and funny moments. Being proud of certain sections and the joy of coming up with the ending. I had several endings in mind, but wouldn’t allow myself to sit down and write it till it was time.
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