[3] The plan

What have I done other than writing? There are two great writing magazines, ironically ‘Writing Magazine’ which I got a subscription for my birthday in July this year and ‘Writers Forum’ which I subscribed to this week. I have been buying these since I discovered them a few months ago. Both are fantastic for someone who is interested in writing and more so getting published, with either short stories or something larger. They are always advertising writing and poetry competitions. I don’t really get poetry, for example, one contest has a prize of £2000 for a 45-word submission, surely a lot of poetry is down to people own preferences? Tempting to enter how challenging can 45 words submission be. I digress, on my goal to publication of my book which this journal is about I decided several actions
Raise profile / have online presence through website
Enter competitions, again to raise my profile and improve myself.  Several of the competitions offer critique services for a ridiculous small charge like £2, so that’s a gift not to be missed that.
Set up social media and follow book related people, publishers and writing sites and resources of which there are a lot.
Writing groups, of which I know very little  of and wonder if this will work for me
So with these in mind, I’ve highlighted eight competitions coming up in the next two month with a mix 300 word short story to a full chapter of your book with a synopsis.

(Words 250)

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