[4] Arseface

Where does time go? After committing to the puny amount of words 250 a day, it is I seem to find myself to be nearing the end of the day and not put pen to paper. It’s 22.09 I’m sat at Victoria station in Manchester after a SQL community group meeting, what I do for my job. Not user groups but SQL which I won’t bore you with. One thing it does offer is a two-hour commute over the course of the day. You might be confused into thinking that it’s a perfect opportunity to write. It can be. It takes some commitment. The trains if you ever have traveled in the North are a wonder to behold. While traveling during commuting hours, you’ll find overcrowding, uncomfortable seats and trains from the 70s and smelly as I can confirm sat writing this. I had to train myself, pardon the pun to write on the train. It’s easy to get distracted or paranoid of people reading over your shoulder. So many times, I’ve typed xxxx and gone back to complete a paragraph much later. Have any well-known authors during my lifetime written their masterpieces while on Northern rail, I seriously doubt it. If you ever get to read my book and read this I hope it brings a wry smile to your face to think a particular bit being written while I had a man from Bolton arse inches from my face on an overcrowded train while I sit typing away.

(Word 250)

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