[6] Brewsters Millions

I suppose it’s worth discussing how the current book started and my approach to writing. I can’t recall the actual time I came up with this idea of the book. I have many unwritten books in my head, one I’m quite excited by as it more the genre I read, sci-fi and fantasy but that is no more than an idea at the moment. This book started being called Brewster’s 5000, I however never liked the name. It was influenced by the ‘Brewster’s Millions’ film with Richard Pryor’s years ago, actually was 1985 as I just looked it up. This is a modern-day equivalent with the spin it’s a man with 5000 Facebook friends and an unnatural obsession with social media who by the twist of fate needs to lose his Facebook friends within 30 days and be seriously compensated if he can achieve said feat. It goes without saying it’s not as straightforward as one might expect.  This starts as a wager with a rich old man who gets annoyed by Johnny persistent Facebook interaction. The man decides to teach Jonny a lesson one that he won’t forget. The main protagonist Johnny Brewster doesn’t realise the impact of the rules imposed on him.  He’s not allowed to share anything of the nature of why he seems to start to become, a really annoying arrogant arsehole as he can’t unfriend anyone only they can do it do it. There are several rules he must obey else he loses everything, with several unfortunate incidents occurring.

(Words 250)









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