[7]Weird Word Counts

I mentioned my approach to writing yesterday. I am finding that exactly 250 words can be challenging.  I start writing on an app (writer) on my phone and email it myself.  The app had a word count function. Then I complete it in Microsoft Word, which also has a word count function as does the WordPress site. What I am noticing, however, they are giving different word counts, which has made editing quite interesting, I suspect the 250 count of previous days might not all be correct. I also use a Chrome extension called Grammarly which is an online grammar checker.  The intention of 250 is there so I will not worry too much about it.  With the book, I have had the odd occasion where a piece I have written had not saved, which was quite annoying as it was trying to save to one-drive without a connection while commuting on the train to work, so each time I write I incremented the version numbers Brewsters 5000 V56 and save locally. I also maintain a word count at the end of the book, the date and the number of words written.  Additionally, I have added the word count for each chapter, so I know the small/large chapters, where I need to add more content,  split chapters up.  Each chapter is given a relevant title and as it’s a header I have a map of the story. I haven’t decided if these chapters titles will make it to the final version of the book.

(Words 250)

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