[13] Strangers on a train

Today’s blog comes from the woods. I’ve dropped off my daughter of at Go Ape, Rivington and decided to test out how my back injections hold up. While she and her friend jumped from trees and death slid, I walked around the reservoir. I had never walked around this particular one. A nice afternoon stroll but the back is starting to stiffen already, but it was worth it.  I said yesterday I’d post my story and break the rule of two five zero, however, I have decided to keep that to another day as I’d like to share with you my evening last night. I do believe, I will one day be a writer as In people will read me in print and not just online. The various things that I see and do, I see from different perspectives with my writing head on but this particular thing I will get to shortly. Yesterday I went to watch Jimmy Carr in Blackburn, travelling through Preston when who should be travelling on the same train as me and also going to the gig. This man.


The evening was excellent, if you haven’t seen him I definitely recommend.  Back to the bit, I mentioned before, about trying to hone one’s skills and using your writer’s mind. Something surreal happened after the gig that I don’t know if I can do justice describing it.If it wasn’t Blackburn it would probably not be believable. Can I describe it in 250 words? tomorrow I will try.

(words 250)

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