[14] Dust till dawn

Jimmy Carr had finished. The nearest pub was just opposite “shall we have one in here?” I suggested. My wife agreed.  Little did I know I was about to have a dust till dawn type moment. Music was blaring as we entered, drinks purchased and space to stand found. I clocked the DJ in a silver shiny slip, short blonde hair. He looked a character. It looked like he hadn’t shaved today. Disco tunes started playing when a couple took to what was like a make-do dance floor. He must have been at least 6″2 A big Jamaican bloke and the women I’d guess 5ft, if not less. She’s grinding against him. They are the only people on the dance floor. He’s behind her now, kneeling down fondling her ankles. It’s mesmerising, I’ve never seen anything like it. The drag DJ joins them and starts to simulate a sex act. This isn’t fiction, this isn’t something I saw on a programme on Netflix. This is actually happening. The song finished and a nice man in a blazer is speaking to my wife. He’s also been to see Jimmy Carr and never been in here before. He’s very effeminate and the episode of the IT crowd springs to mind, a play called GAY with GAY people in it. Karaoke starts, one girl’s really good then the man comments saying he’s good at this he always gets the crowd going.  He starts belting out living on a prayer. That was the first 10 minutes

(Words 250)

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