[17] Always searching

I have been doing this 17 days now and this might be the first time I’ve sat down to write not knowing what I am going to write.  Maybe I broke myself writing 300 words yesterday. It had been pointed out a couple of typos and grammatical errors from the short story which I will go back and correct. I was also asked why a knitted dress? Why not?. The issue with writing exactly a set number of words is it’s really difficult. I mentioned my English isn’t the best in a previous post and the initial draft usually has a few issues which Word screams about and then Grammarly once pasted into WordPress. The addition of a single word or even deletion can mean restructuring whole sentences. Is this the best use of my time? Probably not. So, if I will always write 250 words we will see. The other thing is adding photographs. I spend, ages searching for photos appropriate to the blog. Yesterday the search for a girl on a train, funnily enough, found lots of pictures of ‘the girl on the train’ and if you search train and girl you get lots of dresses and no trains it seems. I think I need to start blogging about day to day stuff and also having a few drafts lined up. I might see if I can find a section of the book that makes sense on its own, as a lot of book you need the backstory to understand it.

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