[18] Broken

I’ve gone and broken it. The first streak is over. I should try and take a positive spin as I’ve been doing remarkably well. I’m notoriously bad at enforcing habits. Yesterday I woke later than normal and didn’t do my morning routine of stretching.I have a bad back and had a few weeks ago had an injection for some pain I’ve been having, it had improved it. It still isn’t brilliant but I was able to achieve more and hopefully strengthen the muscle. Umm, that sounds rude, anyway I digress. I didn’t stretch in the morning and as it wasn’t my routine of an evening so completely bypassed me. It was only today I realised. I don’t it seems have evening routines, don’t get me wrong I remember the blog but that’s now more or less ingrained. If it’s any consolation I did extra this morning. Life’s like that you have blips you carry on.

The book is still being edited, corrections made but I’m feeling more and more comfortable with it. It now just needs time. I want my daughter to draft a cover as she can draw but getting her to read the book it is the biggest challenge I’ve listed some of the parts in the book a list and see what she can come up with. Without giving any major plot lines away.

  • The EDL
  • Using Scrabble to communicate
  • Orkney’s
  • Two-night stand
  • American special forces
  • Racist toilets
  • Brendan Rodgers, not the football manager
  • Pink helmet cam

(Words 250)

Additional Authors note – that isn’t me in the photo btw.

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