[21] Sunday Bloody Sunday

Sunday Bloody Sunday, in the infamous words of one Alan Partridge. I had to work this morning, from home, such a hardship and finished after a couple of hours. It meant I haven’t meditated yet. I could have when I finished but I haven’t. I’m about to go to Liverpool airport to drop off my wife who’s off to Rome this evening for a few days with a friend. I’ll should make it back in time to watch the Liverpool game. I also haven’t done any stretching either yet. On a positive note, I’ve been weighing myself weekly on a Sunday. This morning I’ve lost weight for the 3rd consecutive week and find myself 0.6kg from one of my targets on the list of 99. I’ve added this in Google keep and changed to a task list which gives me chance to tick things off and watch them jump to the bottom of the list. Tomorrow, I think it’s time for another short story. In one of the wiring magazines, there’s a story grid with different keywords to craft a story around. I’ve just found it, it’s in writers forum. Basically, you throw a dice for characters, traits, theme and location and finally an object.  A lot going on there and unsure if 250 words will be enough. As I’ve got no dice I asked the family to be a virtual dice. This is what they came up with. Umm.

Orphaned child



Polluted river

Wedding video

Not exactly JK Rowlings.

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