[22] The Train Journey

Travelling on trains in the north-west of England is such a frustrating experience. People in the south might also have their own challenges I don’t know. It’s 2 hours since I set off from Manchester. I’m still probably 20 minutes away from my next connection. To make it worse I drove to another station this morning, so the car even isn’t at home. I don’t know if there’s a connection yet. I considered collecting it in the morning, then realise I can’t there are no trains, there is a strike. There’s been an accident which can’t be helped, but they are so disorganized and don’t tell you anything. You just sit and wait. The train moves a few minutes, slowly, then stops and waits some more. I have with the time provided me from Northern Rail wrote two blog posts, listened to radio 2 BBC Friday night comedy. It’s been productive. The blitz spirit comes out when it’s gets like this I note. People talk to one another, everyone’s in the same boat. The train smells of wee which tops off a bad day. That said I should be gracious, I will make it home eventually the reason the train was delayed I believe might have been a fatality. That unfortunate person won’t be making it home, his or her family will be impacted by it. My journey hasn’t been that bad when I put it into perspective, I got to write longer than I would normally and will eventually get home safe.

(word2 250)

I also managed to write a short story of 250 words with the words from yesterdays post but I will save that till tomorrow.

I got home 3 hours late in the end.


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