[23] Story challenge

A couple of days ago [21] I got some random works to create a story around

Orphaned child



Polluted river

Wedding video

This is what I came up with:-
She was nearly out of breath, but she still kept running, she had to. She ran as fast as she could manage. She had managed to wriggle free when the man had grabbed her. She had lost her coat as he pulled her towards the open van door. She was starting to get cold. She was only 14 and very scared. She pushed through a hole in the hedge. Thinking the man would give up the pursuit but he hasn’t. He looked much older than her step-parents, she had grown up with them since she was orphaned at the age of six after the accident. The man had been very angry when she had managed to get away from him. He was a grey-haired scary man with a contorted screwed up face. He had this fierce look about him and called her a bitch as he struggled to get through the hedge. It has given her some precious time else he would have caught her. She knew the area and was navigating around the local river. It wouldn’t have been good to end up in the river, all the locals knew it was polluted. She cursed that she hadn’t got a mobile phone getting it confiscated that day at school for playing with it. She felt for her rucksack and cried out when she realised she’s lost it in the struggle. She gasped,  in the bag, in it was the only images she had of her parents on their wedding video

(Words 250)

The image was created from https://wordart.com/create


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