Welcome, to my website. This is the home of me, Martin Croft and my writing.  I have been writing off and on for several years which had cumulated in having several nearly completed books. This is the year I decided to do something about that.  This is the year I will finish the last one I started writing.

I live in Leyland in Lancashire in the North West of England. I work in IT as DBA but my goal is to get published.

The idea behind the site was to start actively moving towards that goal. I will host chapters of the books I have written, short stories and regular blog / Journal of my journey to publication.  I have decided to not to distract from writing the books, the short stories that I will keep this to 250 words a day.  This will also help me when writing small pieces, writing for competitions. I have never tried previously any writing contests.  I don’t see myself as perfect when it comes to the written word and have questioned multiple occasions if I have a touch of dyslexia, as spelling doesn’t always come easy. That said I don’t believe any affliction stops anyone determined to achieve their dreams. There have been a lot of people with far worse issues who have achieved far more than I ever will. When most of my spelling challenges can be resolved with a google search working out what I was trying to say.

(250 Words 😊)