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This is the synopsis (Draft) of the book Unfriended- version 0.1

Johnny is a well-liked guy, his Facebook friends will confirm that he’s got over 5000 of them. Not everyone is enamored with his obsession with his Facebook legacy though. On a trip to America Johnny inadvertently manages to annoy a very rich multimillionaire who sees it’s as an opportunity to teach Johnny that there’s more to life than his Facebook friends.  A $30 Million wager says he can’t lose all his friends in 30 days. Sounds quite easy, however, there are quite a few rules. For starters, he can’t tell another living soul. He also isn’t allowed to unfriend them they must unfriend him off their own back. If he doesn’t lose them all he gets nothing but up to five thousand fewer friends and a serious amount of debt and an ex-wife to be.  Johnny’s also got another issue as part of the wager he’s given someone to be with him 24/7 to follow his every move. What doesn’t help is she young and stunningly attractive. He’s got to persuade his fiancée that this is normal without saying being able to tell her anything.

His journey involves him becoming someone he isn’t to alienate and lose friends along the way. This involves him joining the English Defence League, being part of an impromptu riot and coming out as gay for a day.  He will need to track down a girl he had a two-night stand with some fifteen years ago and never been in touch with since. He’ll need to find people he’s not seen since school. He’ll discover his Facebook friends that have gone to prison, moved to remote places, and get unfriended by both his best mate and his fiancée all in the next 30 days.

Things aren’t as straightforward as it first seems for Johnny, he really should have read the rules. His benefactor isn’t going to make it easy for him either and commissions ex-special forces help to make Johnny’s life difficult. Johnny also doesn’t help himself and manages to get himself into various scrapes with humorous consequences.