Writing challenges broken equipment

I’m two days in on Nanowritemo and was I thought achieving good progress, words were flowing and I am ahead in the word counts. Then disaster.

My Microsoft surface has decided to stop charging. I’m hoping it’s just the charger but that was only replaced in July after the first one gave up. I’ve managed to balance it somehow at an angle on the floor. It’s charging but I can’t write anymore. I’m hoping it will have a charge for the morning.

This post is brought to you from my phone.

[30] Writing Break

Mini writing trip to a very rural cottage in the lakes.

Tomorrow, I will have written this blog for a full month. I never envisaged that I would be still going at this point.

I’ve just booked a writing break/family get together in the lakes at the end of the month. How much writing I will mange we’ll see. This was booked through Airbnb, today the owner emailed me the most comprehensive Information package and direction sheet I have seen. It was a work of art, it is thirty pages long. It even introduces the neighbours (Bob & Margaret), it includes walks with maps, walks for a dry day and walks for wet days, nothing is left out.The direction sheet had Google Streetview photos, which seeing (the photo above) I have a feeling it’s going to be quite rural. The instructions contained information for power outages and there’s a supply of bottled water in a shed. There’s a page on just the instructions to maximise the heat from the open fire. There are lots of things I am looking forward to.  There is a room with a projector and a Wii, unbeknown to my son I will be taking a game I found while clearing out all the clutter in my office.  Tony Hawks down Jam Hill, we played this so much when he was younger and I look forward to beating him yet again. I think this break will be a story in itself.

On another note, I have managed to get more information around some of the stupid things that I have done in the past, I really can’t think how I managed to blank these out of my mind. So will be sharing some of these over the coming days.



[3] The plan

What have I done other than writing? There are two great writing magazines, ironically ‘Writing Magazine’ which I got a subscription for my birthday in July this year and ‘Writers Forum’ which I subscribed to this week. I have been buying these since I discovered them a few months ago. Both are fantastic for someone who is interested in writing and more so getting published, with either short stories or something larger. They are always advertising writing and poetry competitions. I don’t really get poetry, for example, one contest has a prize of £2000 for a 45-word submission, surely a lot of poetry is down to people own preferences? Tempting to enter how challenging can 45 words submission be. I digress, on my goal to publication of my book which this journal is about I decided several actions
Raise profile / have online presence through website
Enter competitions, again to raise my profile and improve myself.  Several of the competitions offer critique services for a ridiculous small charge like £2, so that’s a gift not to be missed that.
Set up social media and follow book related people, publishers and writing sites and resources of which there are a lot.
Writing groups, of which I know very little  of and wonder if this will work for me
So with these in mind, I’ve highlighted eight competitions coming up in the next two month with a mix 300 word short story to a full chapter of your book with a synopsis.

(Words 250)