[16] Short Story

He looked up. She smiled. He had caught this train nearly every day for nearly eight years. He had never seen her before, there was something different about her, something he couldn’t put his finger on. She sat down opposite him. She wore a long red knitted dress. Did she make it herself he wondered? She noticed him looking over. He blushed. She wasn’t what people would call conventionally beautiful. However, he couldn’t stop looking, he wanted to describe her but the only word that came to mind was quirky. Which didn’t seem as flattering as it should for her. She was pale in an angelic way with piercing red lips that turned up at the corners as he took her in. Her eyes watched him, watching her. His commute wasn’t a long one and he worried it would finish quicker today that all the others. Was she travelling today as a one-off or would she be on the train again. He panicked, what if she wasn’t ever on the train again. The train stopped at the next station on his journey People got on, they moved between him and the girl and the connection was broken momentarily. Then it was back. Their eyes met. He smiled this time. She had the brightest blue eyes with dark lashes. For some reason, the face of his long-departed grandmother and her piercing eyes came to mind. He wanted to talk to Her. He wanted to know her name, who she was? ¬†would he see her on the train again? Where did she going to? There were so many questions. How did he start a conversation with her? She disappeared from view as someone came between them. “Tickets please” he showed his annoyance. The guard moved on. He looked up. She was gone.

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