[9] Smoke rings in Autumn

The turn of the seasons is upon us, I sit at the train station blowing smoke rings writing this. I like the change of seasons, I love Autumn, the cold frosty mornings, the bite in the air the falling of leaves from the trees. The heavy rush towards the festive period. I don’t, however, enjoy the cold windy delayed train, the wet soggy mornings. Fortunately, today isn’t one of the wet ones, even when I eventually arrive in Manchester it’s not raining for a change.  I didn’t continue writing this blog once the train arrived, I continued editing the book. It’s going to take some time and more than one draft to remove all the small issues, correct the way things flow. One thing I am proud of is I know what needs to go into the story and often find my self-trying to add something I then go on to mention a few sentences onwards. It’s all a learning process.  I return to this some 13 hours later to finish the 250 works I started.  It’s not the end of the day either, there are still several hours to achieve things, however, tonight all I want to achieve is to sit and watch the football.   For my sins, I am a Liverpool fan, a frustrated one as are the many. What picture could someone build of me with only 250 words written each day I wonder. I have so many stories, snippets anecdotes to share which the minimum words allowed makes challenging.

(Words 250)