[24] Nearly There!

I said I would blog 250 words for 25 days, that should be tomorrow.  It nearly didn’t happen today, (no 24). I wasn’t feeling it.  It happens to all of us at times, we have off days, today was one of mine.  There were no major reasons. I did start to question myself and my writing. I have mentioned previously that I might possibly have dyslexia of some form. I tried to find the online test but couldn’t find the website 🙂 I don’t consciously add typos and grammatical errors but it does frustrate me. 250 words don’t help as well I suspect as I have to chop and change words around, restructure sentences to make things work. That said it has been an experience and I am curious as to how long Friday’s post will be.  If it was Friday now you might not have had to read this far.

I plan to spend time reading other peoples blogs, I have started in some small ways and a few I have read are moving and inspiring.  I saw one writer also posting photos and I thougth I shouldn’t bind myself to just words.  The fact I wanted to use the word constrain in the last sentence but didn’t as I think I used it too often, a thought occurs to me. What of the previous blog posts, which words do I use most, taking out the usual words like and and I and If and to. If that’s not a dyslexic sentence what is?

(words 250)