Not really writing

Manuscript printed, just now need to decide when to start editing!

I’ve not written for some time, ok I have done this blog and a previous post but that’s not writing really is it?  I haven’t touched the book that I wrote since the start of November, I know what I need to so, or more what I decided to do. I would print it off and painstakingly go through it page by page and review it.

I printed it today ( it was one of today’s tasks as is to post a blog), its 286 A4 pages long, that’s some editing ahead of me.  I have also committed to several other work-related things this month, as I work for myself. The next two weeks could see me quite busy, but I need to find something to do during dry January I suppose.  I also need to start the mammoth task of improving the book, do I start now and fit it in? or do I leave it two weeks?

I have been setting weekly goals / daily goals in a journal with the last week 100% success rate.  I am about to plan my next week’s goals so now if the time to decide I suppose.

New Year Productivity

2018 Productivity and writing

Its been a while since my last post, especially after posting day after day for a while.  It’s over a month, I had taken a break from the book, the first initial draft had been done and then I did Nanowrimo, the book was put on hold and Christmas and New Year happened.

I asked a friend to have a read through of the draft, which I had already started to think to myself there were points that could be improved. I haven’t had all the feedback yet but the general gist was there were a few things that could be tweaked. Feedback is a gift.

The next step I need to print off in its entirety and read through, taking a book to get published being one of 2018 goals.

I took a different twist with regards my 2018 goals,  I decided to pay money for a notebook/ planner.  I saw one planner that looks really good but discovered it was only quarterly and expensive and only available in America, the minimum delivery charge made a 90-day journal far more expensive than a year journal for one I did get.

The journal I ended up with is called inspire now which I can say I am pleasantly pleased with.  Even if it is making me do daily tasks towards my goals.

As for my goals, that’s for another post as I have a couple more tasks to achieve today before I can get my reward of a can of diet coke, thanks to dry January.