[15] Ask your self what do you see?

Ask yourself a question. Look around you what can you see? What’s happening where you are at this exact point in time? Feel free to post in the comments what it is. I’m curious. I’m sat at work writing this as someone taken control of my PC, on purpose. So, it seemed like a good idea to write today’s blog hence the question. The window blinds a few feet in front of me are all at different heights in different windows some offering a grim outlook of the streets of Manchester. There’s an old building with pillars which on looking I note an absence of birds. There’s a building with scaffolding looking forlorn just beyond the girl with purple hair. My focus wanders more to the interior of the building, on the desk next to mine is one of the little wooden toys. What are they called? It’s a woodpecker on a pole that pecks away when sliding down the pole. I’ve never seen it move. I now wonder if anyone would say anything if I learnt over and made it peck. I decided I will. I pull to the top. I have been cheated, the little wooden woodpecker sits at the top of the pole. It’s not moving. Its eye looks like it’s looking at me. If it could speak what would it say? ‘Who put me up here, the bastard?’ Do woodpecker swear? does anyone know? Will the girl who sits at the desk even notice, I  wonder?

(Words 250)