[33] Friday the 13th

Is more or less irrelevant. I’m not superstitious, I don’t walk under ladders as that’s a stupid thing to do anyway. I do recall working with someone who was very superstitious, he wouldnt go to events if he got ticket no 13. Which if I’m honest is highly unlikely and extremly unlucky. Weird as I had thought today’s post was going to be just ‘Today has been rather dull’ the end ,and nothing more but I when given the opportunity to write it starts to flow. I’m again writing on the app. Yesterday I inadvertently missed off the image and had to repost.

I’m trying to recall whats happened today, other that work and I’m struggling, certainly nothing of note anyway.

Hey it’s Saturday the 14th tomorrow surely something must happen. There is a small matter of a game of football at lunchtime. Liverpool v Man united. I feel little will be achieved this weekend but we’ll see.