[20] That’s Numberwang

It’s been a bit more relaxed today than yesterday, but that wasn’t difficult. I’ve managed to knock all the daily take off the list. The blog being the last thing. I’ve made a decision today, the 250 limit is going. It was nice while it lasted but it curtails the creativity. I will persist as to blog until number 25 so everything is aligned with the universe. Who knows then. Maybe I’ll write 50 words or 500 whatever I feel like at that point. It was pointed out recently there were 100 days left to Christmas and what do I want to achieve in this time frame. Not one to under challenge myself I came up with 99, as it was one day later. Lots of numbers today, definitely feels numberwang. If you don’t know what it is Google it. I didn’t manage yet 99 but 83 so far.
I thought I would share some of the list writing related.

4 Read a Joe Abercrombie book ( I have several)

6 Enter a story into a competition

11 Meditate for twenty-one days in a row

16 Try selling and buying bitcoins ( done 1st half of this, I’ve sold them)

21 Read a book had on shelf for ages ( I have a quite a large collection of books in a room outside with several bookshelves)

25 Write a 1000 word story and enter into a competition

28 Swap a book on book swap website

29 Chat to some writing bloggers

32 Draft idea for book cover

74 Read a novella

79 List all books owned in Goodreads

83 Enter competition in writing magazine

(250 Words)