Writing Breaks and roaring fires

This is my second writing break this year. The first was early on in the year near Keswick. It is something I will continue to try and do.  It’s great to have the break from the normal day to day routine. This break was through Airbnb and an amazing find.  The family came with me for a period and the distance to a reasonable train station was a challenge being on the West side of the Lakes.  They had a room with a Wii and a projector, which makes me reevaluate my own ‘Man room’ I have for the football and a quiet space.  The place is nearly five miles to the nearest village of note.



There is zero mobile signal, with the exception I found the top of ‘The pike’ behind the cottage which is a short climb away offering amazing views and more bizarrely 4G.


The view from just outside the cottage first thing in the morning. What you can’t see is I have a freshly brewed filter coffee in hand, the rest is keeping warm on the roaring fire I just made before coming out.

Sunrise No two morning are alike this was the second day.


The walk up the Pike to find the only place I have found 4G while being in the lakes, that’s the coast in the background.

[24] Nearly There!

I said I would blog 250 words for 25 days, that should be tomorrow.  It nearly didn’t happen today, (no 24). I wasn’t feeling it.  It happens to all of us at times, we have off days, today was one of mine.  There were no major reasons. I did start to question myself and my writing. I have mentioned previously that I might possibly have dyslexia of some form. I tried to find the online test but couldn’t find the website 🙂 I don’t consciously add typos and grammatical errors but it does frustrate me. 250 words don’t help as well I suspect as I have to chop and change words around, restructure sentences to make things work. That said it has been an experience and I am curious as to how long Friday’s post will be.  If it was Friday now you might not have had to read this far.

I plan to spend time reading other peoples blogs, I have started in some small ways and a few I have read are moving and inspiring.  I saw one writer also posting photos and I thougth I shouldn’t bind myself to just words.  The fact I wanted to use the word constrain in the last sentence but didn’t as I think I used it too often, a thought occurs to me. What of the previous blog posts, which words do I use most, taking out the usual words like and and I and If and to. If that’s not a dyslexic sentence what is?

(words 250)

[17] Always searching

I have been doing this 17 days now and this might be the first time I’ve sat down to write not knowing what I am going to write.  Maybe I broke myself writing 300 words yesterday. It had been pointed out a couple of typos and grammatical errors from the short story which I will go back and correct. I was also asked why a knitted dress? Why not?. The issue with writing exactly a set number of words is it’s really difficult. I mentioned my English isn’t the best in a previous post and the initial draft usually has a few issues which Word screams about and then Grammarly once pasted into WordPress. The addition of a single word or even deletion can mean restructuring whole sentences. Is this the best use of my time? Probably not. So, if I will always write 250 words we will see. The other thing is adding photographs. I spend, ages searching for photos appropriate to the blog. Yesterday the search for a girl on a train, funnily enough, found lots of pictures of ‘the girl on the train’ and if you search train and girl you get lots of dresses and no trains it seems. I think I need to start blogging about day to day stuff and also having a few drafts lined up. I might see if I can find a section of the book that makes sense on its own, as a lot of book you need the backstory to understand it.