[8] Somone’s Dad wrote a porno

You might have noticed yesterdays numbers were not in the correct order, there was after writing several tweaks where story parts didn’t work and I wanted certain characters to arrive in the story sooner. I am in the process of reading and correcting on a chapter by chapter basis.  This is leading to rewrites of bits and adding story hooks into things will occur later. I don’t know if ‘story hooks’ is actually a thing, but it works for me. I have been keeping to the daily tasks, meditation, brain training, writing and the 250 words like I don’t have enough with already. I am adding another one to the mix. Reading, I won’t set any specific goals other than reading daily, and I’ll include audio books. I have a subscription to Audible and a back catalog of books to read/listen too.  I also recently got into a few podcasts, one in particular which I should really give a mention, ‘My Dad Wrote a Porno’.  This is exactly what it says on the tin, someone dad writes a porno and his son and friends critique it while reading it chapter by chapter. It is hilarious and has caused several proper laugh out loud moments on the train.  I’m now wondering it #Porn is allowed on WordPress umm.  I would recommend it, it also made me question several bits in my book, not that there is any porn, I hasten to add. You tend to find everything you do influence your writing.