[23] Story challenge

A couple of days ago [21] I got some random works to create a story around

Orphaned child



Polluted river

Wedding video

This is what I came up with:-
She was nearly out of breath, but she still kept running, she had to. She ran as fast as she could manage. She had managed to wriggle free when the man had grabbed her. She had lost her coat as he pulled her towards the open van door. She was starting to get cold. She was only 14 and very scared. She pushed through a hole in the hedge. Thinking the man would give up the pursuit but he hasn’t. He looked much older than her step-parents, she had grown up with them since she was orphaned at the age of six after the accident. The man had been very angry when she had managed to get away from him. He was a grey-haired scary man with a contorted screwed up face. He had this fierce look about him and called her a bitch as he struggled to get through the hedge. It has given her some precious time else he would have caught her. She knew the area and was navigating around the local river. It wouldn’t have been good to end up in the river, all the locals knew it was polluted. She cursed that she hadn’t got a mobile phone getting it confiscated that day at school for playing with it. She felt for her rucksack and cried out when she realised she’s lost it in the struggle. She gasped,  in the bag, in it was the only images she had of her parents on their wedding video

(Words 250)

The image was created from https://wordart.com/create


[16] Short Story

He looked up. She smiled. He had caught this train nearly every day for nearly eight years. He had never seen her before, there was something different about her, something he couldn’t put his finger on. She sat down opposite him. She wore a long red knitted dress. Did she make it herself he wondered? She noticed him looking over. He blushed. She wasn’t what people would call conventionally beautiful. However, he couldn’t stop looking, he wanted to describe her but the only word that came to mind was quirky. Which didn’t seem as flattering as it should for her. She was pale in an angelic way with piercing red lips that turned up at the corners as he took her in. Her eyes watched him, watching her. His commute wasn’t a long one and he worried it would finish quicker today that all the others. Was she travelling today as a one-off or would she be on the train again. He panicked, what if she wasn’t ever on the train again. The train stopped at the next station on his journey People got on, they moved between him and the girl and the connection was broken momentarily. Then it was back. Their eyes met. He smiled this time. She had the brightest blue eyes with dark lashes. For some reason, the face of his long-departed grandmother and her piercing eyes came to mind. He wanted to talk to Her. He wanted to know her name, who she was?  would he see her on the train again? Where did she going to? There were so many questions. How did he start a conversation with her? She disappeared from view as someone came between them. “Tickets please” he showed his annoyance. The guard moved on. He looked up. She was gone.

(300 Words) Will be back to 250 tomorrow



[12] Competition time

It’s Friday. Another day for not having a set routine. I am working from home today and I don’t know why but I struggle to get up at half five when I am at home. Routines change, I tend to start work at a similar time, even later. I have a tendency to miss out on writing time I usually do on the train. My mornings are more productive when I work and commute it seems. I’m writing this post on the phone it’s just after 7am and this the first of the many things to do. I went for a meditation walk after I got up, not that I knew what that was, but it meant I did something different and it was very relaxing. Weirdly, after I moaned about not commuting then the universe got wind of this it seems. The ability to work remotely seems to be snatched away from me, with the IT systems not accessible or even email to see what the issue is. Therefore I find myself sat at the train station later than I would normally. I’m not liking the WordPress application, there doesn’t seem to any word count feature which isn’t very useful when my aim is writing 250 words a day. Different challenges each day keep it interesting. In the end, I didn’t update the book on the train, but I created a 300-word short story for a competition in October. I might break the rule of 250 words tomorrow and post it.

(Word 250)