[10] Glowing boxes of distraction

It’s 7 AM, It’s not as cold this morning, there are no smoke rings to blow, Unfortunately. I am contemplating do I do too much or do I do too little.  I haven’t done my stretches for my bad back, I haven’t meditated or had breakfast. The reason was I got up and went for a swim at the local gym. I feel good for that but I have put myself under pressure because of it, or have I? I read something yesterday in a fleeting glance about people if they don’t go home after working in a dead job and not work on their dreams there is something wrong with them. I am not saying I am in a dead job here, just should I do more. Probably.  I paraphrase as didn’t capture the exact words at the time, and I imagine I could trawl through lots of things and still not find it. That is the way with the connected society.  I listened to a video ( by Simon Sinkek , look him up) before bed last night on the virtues that people don’t know how to talk to each other and mobile phones have created these environments where people never give each other the time they deserve and how it to the detriment of society. I am sat on a train full of people stirring into little glowing boxes, no one talks and it’s not the quiet carriage they don’t have those on Northern Rail, he might have a point.

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